A Virtual Writers' Table For Two


Hi. I'm Catherine Berlin, a writing innovator and coach.

I want to help you reach your highest potential. 

Let me read your work. Together we can explore how to develop

the soft-power techniques needed for clear, intricate, singular writing.

Or you can begin to teach yourself by using the sample resources I provide.



Get ideas out of your head and into writing. The articles in this book show three ways to reach into your brain to develop signature content for everything you create. 

Writing Tips

I will post some of what I teach my university students and clients. I want you to be able to craft your best work, and I will keep posting free tools and exercises to help you do that. 


Let's talk. I love helping people engage their full potential. We can speak for 30 minutes for free. You'll be encouraged, inspired or get new direction. Contact me to set up a time. 


"Every writer deserves a good first reader--the person you can go to when you think you have nailed it, but aren't sure; or the person you go to when you feel stuck. Catherine Berlin is the best at this that I have ever seen..."